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Sewing machine repairs

QMR Steam takes pride in our reputation of  reliability and commitment as specialists in servicing all makes of industrial sewing machines.

We are able to repair, clean, lubricate, maintain and inspect your professional sewing equipment by using our own staff, expertise, spare parts, fittings and accessories.

Industrial sewing machines are expensive and sophisticated items packed with complex technology and they require excellent service when installed and used. Otherwise, instead of being a source of income, your industrial sewing machine can generate losses.

QMR Steam has a team of experienced engineers who can guarantee that your sewing equipment will work spotlessly.

Looking for sewing machine services? QMR Steam can:

  • Repair
  • Clean
  • Lubricate
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection

If you are planning to install a new appliance or to recondition your old one, QMR Steam is at hand to give you full technical support.

Our technicians deal with this kind of equipment every day cleaning the gears, lubricating the moving parts and installing the new belts of industrial sewing machines.

Do you have a problem with your commercial equipment or domestic appliances?  Call QMR Steam Ltd now on 020 8704 4610 or 07946 114 303